Clusters - balancing evolutionary and constructive forces

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In 2003, the Cluster Initiative Greenbook was launched at the TCI conference in Gothenburg, presenting data and analysis on hundreds of cluster initiatives from around the world. The “Greenbook” pointed to the fact that these constructive forces must be put into the context of underlying cluster strengths and local institutional factors. A follow-up book on cluster initiatives in developing and transition countries – the “Bluebook” – was launched in 2006.

In the new “Redbook” we build a new model involving both evolutionary and constructive forces. Cluster policies and programs are now emerging in all corners of the world, at international, national and regional levels, bringing more resources and legitimacy to cluster construction. If such political initiatives are to succeed they must be based on sound data-driven analysis, underlying cluster strength and cluster programs must be carefully evaluated to improve our knowledge of how they affect the complex nature of clusters, and how the constructive work can be improved.


Updated: 2008-11-12